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The Collection is blessed with an array of communal spaces with all the comforts you could ever imagine, such as a large multipurpose room, a saltwater pool and a daytime concierge service.

So that you can enjoy the communal areas with complete peace of mind, we have installed CCTV directly connected to an alarm centre.

Welcoming homes with an exceptional design

Functional and welcoming homes with an exceptional design and sense of aesthetics, where you can enjoy the privacy of your own garden and pool under the Mediterranean sunlight in a truly privileged environment:

Marbella's Golden Mile

González & Jacobson

The beauty and intensity of individual vision determines the conviction that González & Jacobson has had for architecture over the past twenty years.

At González & Jacobson there is a place reserved for creators. The firm has an exemplary track record thanks to the quality of proposals, the innovation of projects, a commitment to the environment and a respect for landscapes.

In over twenty years of working together, Carlos Alfonso González and Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson have built up a long track record of creative construction and end-to-end projects covering every aspect of architecture, from landscaping to interior and urban design.

Their projects retain a link to the Mediterranean, effortlessly incorporating Mediterranean traditions and adapting them to current needs without superficial trivialisation.

It's about large spaces opening up to the outdoors, spacious terraces and sculpted exteriors. It's about tiles, trellises, finished wood and façades. It's about being attentive to space design, light and climate control while making the most of nature.